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On Grading Matters

22 November 2004

I am writing this just before our end of year grading.

Each time grading comes around I deal with a number of issues and “Hoary Old Chestnuts”. These are my thoughts on some issues for those sitting grades from ikkyu to sandan. I know that this article could possibly be a bit schoolmasterish but I’ll do my best.

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Which class? by Andrew Williamson Sensei

You must constantly assess where you are at in your training and what you should be doing, which classes you should be attending and who you should be training with.

Yamashima Sensei spring seminar review by Ben Hoffman

Yamashima Shihan emphasized moving with the whole body by de-emphasizing the role of the hands. For example, connecting with the shoulder or arm and gently unbalancing uke, instead of the standard manual approach. This type of training most definitely forces you to move from the centre and changes the focus of your awareness. I think everyone found it a quite difficult, but rewarding exercise.

Yamashima Sensei spring seminar review by Filip Maric

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