Top trainers

We’re very proud that we have a large number of regular classes to offer each week and each month. There are no “secrets” in Aikido. Very simply: with good instruction the more you train the better you will be. We encourage students to train as often as they can.

As a tribute to that we keep track of each month’s top trainer, and their name is displayed on the Burnside dojo notice board, with the other last 12 months top trainers.

Getting top trainer four times in 12 months entitles the recipient to three months free training.

All time top trainer

Special mention goes to the people who give up their life for a whole month, to get the top of the top trainers.

  • Kahurangi Bronsson-George – 59 classes – October 2008
  • Colin Grealy – 59 classes – October 2016
  • Ben Hayward – 57 classes – October 2005
  • Shane Goodwin – 52 classes – May 2002

It is possible to beat this record but you need to pick your month to try.

A very special mention has to go to Lance Kelly who although does not appear on the all time top trainer lists has achieved the top trainer each month for a 12 month period from July 2015 to July 2016.  This is the first time since keeping records that someone has achieved this consistency.