The syllabus below is based on that used at the World Aikido Headquarters and list the “minimum” requirements. For an expanded version of the requirements for each grade please see the Proficiency Tests below.

In all cases, each grade includes the techniques from the lower grades as well.

Technique 6 kyu 5 kyu 4 kyu 3 kyu 2 kyu 1 kyu Shodan
Minimum training since previous grading 20 days 30 days 60 days 75 days 75 days 90 days 120 days – invitation required
Ikkyo Shomen uchi Shomen uchi – suwari waza and tachi waza Kata dori – suwari waza and tachi waza Yokomen uchi and ushiro ryote dori – suwari waza and tachi waza Katate dori
Nikkyo Kata dori
Yonkyo Morote tori
Gokyo Yokomen uchi
Shiho nage Katate dori Yokomen uchi Ryote dori Katate dori – hanmi handachi and tachi wasa Ryote dori – hanmi handachi and tachi wasa Tsuki
Irimi nage Shomen uchi Tsuki Katate dori Shomen uchi, tsuki, and katate dori Morote dori
Kote gaeshi
Kaiten nage Katate dori
Tenchi nage Ryote dori
Jiyu waza Katate dori Ryote dori Morote dori Any
Tanto tori Three techniques
Bokken tori One technique
Jo tori One technique
Kokyo ho Suwari waza

Grading registration form

If you plan to grade then print and fill in a copy of the grading registration form (pdf). This needs to be handed in to the dojo with your grading fee (or pay your grading fee online).

Grading fees

Grade Test Fee Registration fee Total
Rokkyu – 6 kyu (includes grading registration and seminar fee) $100
Gokyu – 5 kyu $20 $55 $75
Yonkyu – 4 kyu
Sankyu – 3 kyu $35 $60 $95
Nikyu – 2 kyu
Ikkyu – 1 kyu
Shodan – By invitation $50 $400 $450
Nidan – By invitation $50 $450 $500
Sandan – By invitation $50 $500 $550
Yondan – By invitation $50 $600 $650

Shodan Registration fee includes Aikikai Hombu Dojo Membership Fee and International Yudansha Card.

Proficiency Tests

We regularly run proficiency tests in the build up to the grading times. These are an opportunity to become familiar with your grading curriculum and to get feedback on your progress. Dates will be advised before each test, they are run during class times and there is no charge for attending.

Download the proficiency test forms:

Dan gradings

  • Shodan — 120 days practice since previous grading. Combinations of Tori Waza, Uchi Waza & Ushiro Waza from Suwari Waza, Hanmi-hadachi and Tachi Waza
  • Nidan — Minimum 2 year and 300 days since previous grading. Additional techniques include futari-gake. Aikido-related essay also required
  • Sandan — Minimum 3 years and 450 days since previous grading. Additional techniques include taninzu-gake.
  • Yondan — Minimum 4 years and 600 days since previous grading. Jiyu waza required for all the above.

Further grading notes

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Belt Colours and Hakama

  • 6th Kyu through to 4th Kyu -WHITE BELT
  • 3rd Kyu through to 1 st Kyu -BROWN BELT
  • Shodan onwards – BLACK BELT (and hakama worn)

Grading preparation and notes

  • Be sure you have the required number of practice days before applying for an examination.
  • Application forms and fees should be filed 7 days before the examination.
  • Right to honour of New grade only after all relevant Fees, Registration and your certificate presented.
  • Essays and articles should be submitted with the application form, with topics to be assigned by the examiner.
  • Successful completion seminars will be taken into consideration.
  • Minimum age for Shodan is 16 years, Sandan 23 years.
  • As a rule Uke in an examination should be of the same rank.
  • Gradings are held only twice a year.
  • As a rule there will be no double grading.
  • All dan gradings require an invitation.
  • All dan grades are expected to attend gasshuku since previous grading (or shodan applicants since sankyu) or will have completed substantially more than the minimum training requirements.