We cater for Young Juniors, [that is kids aged 5 – 6 years old] and Juniors classes [ages of 7 – 12 years]. Beginners are welcome to watch any of our classes or train in the Junior or Young Junior classes. To find out the class timetables and dojo addresses see below. The first class is free so you can simply come along and try things out. Find the dojo closest to you by clicking on the location below

Kids Seminars: Check the seminars page to register for upcoming special kids seminars.

When we train – the kids timetables

Burnside dojo timetable
Morning Early afternoon Afternoon
Monday Young juniors
Wednesday Juniors
Saturday Juniors
Linwood dojo timetable
Tuesday Juniors

Where we train – the dojos

See the dojos page.

Training fees

The first class is free. To continue you need to complete our membership form (available at the dojo) and pay our membership fees below.

  • Junior classes – $80 per child per school term.
  • Young Juniors – $70 per child per school term
  • Siblings $70 per school term

Note: we offer a $10 discount on each of the fees above if they are paid in the first week of each term.

  • Alternatively, there is a $15 per class casual training fee.

Grading fees

The grading fee per child is $30.

Proficiency tests

We regularly run proficiency tests in the build up to the grading times. These are an opportunity to become familiar with your grading curriculum and to get feedback on your progress. Dates will be advised before each test, they are run during class times and there is no charge for attending.

Download the kids proficiency test.