About ASC

Aikido Shinryukan Canterbury (A.S.C.) grew from Aikido Shinryukan.  As such it maintains close links with Shinryukan and Takase Sensei.

A.S.C. was established in 1990 after Andrew and Irene Williamson moved from Auckland to Christchurch. Andrew and Irene have been students of Takase Shihan since 1979 and 1981 respectively.

Aikido Shinryukan Canterbury has grown from a single small dojo with 4 sessions a week, to operating 2 dojos and training around 24 times weekly. A.S.C. offers classes for adults, beginners, advanced, children, bokken [wooden sword] and jo [staff]. Over 30 dan grades [black belts] train actively ensuring top quality instruction.

A.S.C. focuses on providing top instruction and facilities in Canterbury. Our objectives are unchanged from our commencement:

  1. to develop the quality of training available to students.
  2. to provide regular seminars with top NZ and Japanese instructors.
  3. to improve facilities where Aikido is taught.

The Director is Andrew Williamson (Rokudan Р6th Degree Black Belt), the senior Aikido practitioner in the South Island and Assistant Technical Director for NZ Aikikai and Aikido Shinryukan.  Andrew is also Technical Advisor to several dojos in Singapore for Club Aikido.

The Chief Instructor is Irene Williamson (Rokudan – 6th Degree Black Belt), the senior woman training in NZ.

A.S.C. is linked to the International Aikido Federation and the World Aikikai Headquarters.